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Barbecue Runs Through Our Veins.

Texas Burrito Company proprietor Jason Scott and his family are 7th Generation Texans. The family dates back to 1821 and Texas Ranger Captain Abner Kuykendall. The Captain’s family was part of the first 300 immigrant land settlers that were with Steven F. Austin’s settlement called “The Old 300.” Austin, known as the “Father of Texas,” was part of the Militia that helped form the “Republic Of Texas.” Many of Scott’s recipes originated in this era.


It Didn’t Happen Overnight.

Over the next 100 years the Scott family grew while working the ranches in South Texas and refining their recipes. One of these ranches was a 5,000 acre livestock farm named “Rancho El Tigre,” which was located west of Spofford, Texas next to the Las Moras Creek.

Being close to the Mexican border, the Scotts cooked fresh, handmade tortillas to eat with their hearty barbecue, along with freshly made Salsas. They would smoke full racks of beef ribs, German inspired sausage links, Brisket tacos and smoked chicken burritos filled with sautéed potatoes, green chilies and onions. There was always a big pot of slow simmering pinto beans cooking on the stove (seasoned with chili powders, garlic and chunks of bacon), as well as Serrano chilies and green onions that were charred to perfection.

Today, the Texas Burrito Company uses these same heritage recipes, as well as using a blend of post oak and mesquite wood to help recreate the original flavors the family produced nearly 200 years ago!


Our food is so
good, texas good

Six Signature items are featured on our menu ranging from Tacos and Burritos to Sandwiches and a Meal that’ll feed the whole Family. Breakfast is also being served at the Texas Burrito Company, because a real cowboy or cowgirl can’t start their day without good tasting food down their gullet and a delicious Cup of Joe on their lips. That’s not all! We’ve got Bowls, Salads and Smoke Meats by the Pound! Oh, by the way, did we mention that our Tortillas come directly from Mexico?

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